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Ken's Design and Photography is about sharing my passion for design and photography. A place to showcase of my work over the years. Which began with drawing and drafting at a very early age. Designing was something I LOVED with a PASSION, this was from the imagination and creativity that then developed into photo editing and then to photography. This all grew from years of creativity where I continue to push the bounds of my knowledge to bring light to the gray world we live in and to your door or window.


Specialties are: Logo Design, Branding , Busines Cards, Photo Refinement and Retouching and much more . . .

Connecticut Militia III% Logo

Design specifics related to The Declaration Of Independence laid on a table and included are III& transparent through the design with a snake wrapped around the base of the III percent. Then made into a round logo for print on T-Shirts, flags, coffee mugs and drink containers.

Rhode Island III% Logo

Design specifics related to Rhode Island aare that the history tells that the Ocean State made the first defiant act of the colonies and an Image of that act is reproduced and edited showing the burning of the HMS Gaspee. The Design is laiden with Gold trim and the 13th Star outlined signifying the states joining the Uniion. Then made into a round logo for print on T-Shirts, flags, coffee mugs and drink containers.









Examine the word itself; "PHOTOGRAPHY" - It comes from two individual words. Photo meaning "Light" and Graph meaning "To Write" Literally it means: "To Write with light" I cannot think of any better way to say it. A photographer is a "Light Writer" A photograph is an image written with light.

Marquis de Lafayette Statue

The Marquis de Lafayette was a French officer and nobleman who came to the colonies during the Revolutionary War to train the Americans on how to fight the British.

On at least two occasions, he met in Connecticut with George Washington to plan the strategy of the Continental Army.

After the war, Lafayette was recognized as an honorary Hartford citizen in an event that took place at the Old State House.

Lafayette’s statue is located at the corner of Washington Street and Capitol Avenue.

Connecticut Capital

The Connecticut State Capitol is located North of Capitol Avenue and south of Bushnell Park in Hartford, Connecticut, the capital of Connecticut. The building houses the Connecticut General Assembly the upper house, the Connecticut State Senate and lower house, the House of Representatives, as well as the office of the Governor.

The current building is the third capitol building for the State of Connecticut since the American Revolution.

The building was completed in 1878, and it opened for the session of the General Assembly in January 1879.

The State Capitol was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1971.

Photo of the Day

An Art Piece. I looked about and discovered this interesting look within a window and it begged to be photographed. Dead leaves encompassing the window. Surely an interesting and provocative piece.

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