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Ken Park, Jr.


Ken's Design and Photography is about sharing my love for design and photography. This is my showcase of my work over the years, which began with drafting at an early age. Designing was something I LOVED with a PASSION. Next came photo editing and then onto photography just over 3 1/2 years ago. This all grew from years of creativity where I continue to push the bounds of my knowledge to bring light to the gray world we live in and to your door or window.

Modern · Stylish · Real

· Moments are forgettable, but images capture the moment.

· I have been a career Photographer for 4½ years, starting with nightclub photography and capturing fun moments and times and have expanded to Commercial, Event, Fine Art, Landscape, Modeling, Portrait and Wedding photography. My work has been about bringing the emotion and enjoyment out of those moments to be captured in a still moment. Smiles don't last forever, but they do in print. My work has been published in calendars, and music CD's for local bands.


Michael Spaulding

Image Refinement · Retouching

Other areas of my work include Photo Restoration and Repair. Precious moments captured from a time ago that cannot be replaced, damaged due to age, wear and disasters. You will be amazed with the reproduction of decades old photographs. This is a priceless area for some people and loosing a photo to elements are where I can help restore images that are too rare to replace.


Restoration Repair

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Fashion Photography

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