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Play to the gallery, in an attempt to appeal to the popular taste, as opposed to a more refined or esoteric taste: Pictures, though still may appeal to you and your view from within the gallery, you have taken a step into this art form of Ken's Photography World.


20 of my best images, from my career in photography. Several images that have been my most liked and most shared photos online. I hope you find them enjoyable.

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Lexington Battle Green

Annually on April 19th, Patriotic men and women have gathered on the Battle Green of Lexington, Mass to pay homage to those who gave their lives to the American Revolution, which gained our independence from Great Britain. A noble band of men that sought to bring about a new Nation, one By The People, and For The People in turn, We The People. Please click here to view the gallery.

Modeling Portfolio

For a model to get some much needed exposure in their modeling career they need a lot of exposure and photos, with a great mix of different photographers. Model photos must be refined and perfect to highlight the best features of a model. Having a professional gallery will be a great step forward towards success and a future. Please click here to view the gallery.


































Pet photography

They are more than just pets, they are family. So why not treat your pet like one of the family. Pet portraits are a great way to capture Man's Best Friend, or that loving companion. That special animal that your day couldn't be complete without in them in your life. We can capture the best and most precious moments for you to have in your home or office. Please click HERE for our Wedding Gallery (coming soon).

Photo restorations

Specialties of ours is repairing old photos. These keepsakes are delicate and important pieces of your family history. And we can make sure that these memories are preserved longer than the original. And reprinted on quality paper and framed with museum quality glass. These keepsakes are important to you and it will be to us, to restore these works of art and history. Please click here to view the Gallery (coming soon).


What ever your tastes for traditional and classic to romantic and trendy wedding styles. We can help make your day easier knowing what you're looking for to bring out the exact desires of your perfect day. We think that is the perfect way to start your wedding day is to book us for the engagement session which we include within our packages. This will give you and idea of the day and what you can expect from us. Please click HERE for our Wedding Gallery.





































Examine the word itself; "PHOTOGRAPHY" - It comes from two individual words. Photo meaning "Light" and Graph meaning "To Write" Literally it means: "To Write with light" I cannot think of any better way to say it. A photographer is a "Light Writer" A photograph is an image written with light.

Photo of the Day

Between 25 years ago or 30 years ago. I used to be a draftsman in high school. This was one of my drawings and I took a photo of it to be a part of the website. See the image on the Design pages.