I got asked why…

I was voting for Don Bolduc, at our Rolling Thunder New Hampshire Chapter 1 Meeting. 

One of my Brothers looked at me tonight and; Why should I vote for Don Bolduc?; while I was decked out head to shirt wearing my Don Bolduc for US Senate gear, and I had to struggle to get the words out as to why I am fully endorsing the candidate, which for me is difficult as I am not the best speaker to express my feeling, however, I gave it ‘my all’ as to why I felt like Don was my pick and why I consider him the only pick in this current race for US Senate. I stated why I truly feel like he actually cares, and believe and he expresses that he is actually listening and Don will spend the time to make my views important to the conversation.  First and foremost, his views of the way things are, are the same views I have and what I care about and I then spoke to his opposition for the primary bid and told him from the heart why I felt Corky Messner, isn’t in touch with my same views and that conversation lasted until Don was called to speak in front of the membership of Rolling Thunder NH Chapter 1.

Following Don Bolduc’s speech, the gentleman leaned over to me and said, I see what you mean, he’s got my vote too.

Don is an AMAZING Orator, his speech was in-tune with our chapters activism and addressed that we are a vital part of the community and that is exactly what this country needs more of. 


I will share the video, at a later date, so be on the lookout for an updated post with the video I recorded that evening.